Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A programmer may not necessarily be a developer, developer always can be a programmer. Here are some points that i believe true according to my experiences. I'm so tired having around with peers who only knows to talk about technical stuffs in motivation just to ensure they are not outdated and know-it-all. Well that is good in some ways, but not enough to compete in real software industry. Stretch our mind, read a lot, do not condemn, do not feel proud to say critiques about others, instead, motivating + suggest + encouraging each other. Be the one who always think to create opportunities instead of waiting. Talent only is not sufficient.


  • Technical oriented
  • Not really in concern with users needs, code the application is what matters and fun things.
  • Cares only the code, (show off-ing. hu's smarter which wont promise solve anything to peoples)
  • Building the application under someone's supervising and command. (The Boss perhaps)
  • No project, no job.
  • Simplicity is define as to cut everything VITAL into short. (which they think cool act.)


  • Users concern comes first, then technical issues follows..
  • Care about application usability & efficiency in priority list.
  • Solving REAL people problems is damn fun and satisfying.
  • Able to recognize opportunities around.
  • Possess innovative mind & highly inventive.
  • Think of simplicity as easiness & usefulness. (it might consume lots of time to plan for quality simplicity.)

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